The Branch

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An old and very outdated route.

This imaginatively named fictional route , “The Branch”, is based on Great
Western workings. The route was envisaged to make up a network of rail
Lines throughout the area. How with the advent of a new computer the
route was left on my old one. About a month ago I became aware of the
Fact the video I made was actually rather popular and decided that I would
Have a go at releasing the route. When I retrieved it and loaded it up it did
Not take long for me to realize that since I had last worked on it my
Route building skills had come on significantly and therefor all existing
Scenery would need a make over.
So as am busy with my latest project , the Keith and Dufftown Railway, I
Have decided to release the route “as is” to be used as it is or as a canvas
/Starting point for your own projects.