Website Refurbished

Hello all. I have recently spent some time updating and hopefully improving some aspects of the website. These are mostly paving the way for things to come in the future.

Here is a quick changelog:

Major changes

  • Removed old downloads system and replaced with new “shop” style system. Don’t worry no details are required to download files.
  • New accounts system added
  • New forums added. These are simple at the moment and only serve as a support forum.
  • New look and feel

Minor Changes

  • Removed livestream section
  • Temporarily removed file “The Branch”

Things still to do

  • Apply the SSL certificate to protect login details
  • Streamline and optimise the experience of the website
    • Move login, logout, register and cart buttons from menu to separate area.
    • Update membership login and navigation procedures


If you would like to join the forum then click here!

There are some interesting projects in the pipeline for TSW. I am keen to start developing some routes and content on this new platform, rather than being a few years behind everyone else on the last. One of the main reasons why I did not continue making addons for RW was that within a year it would have been made obsolete! Here’s hoping we hear about the developer tools sooner rather than later.

See you soon!

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